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Finish It Yourself Bow Kit
This Bow Kit was designed for anyone who has the desire to finish their own bow.
This can be anything from the up and coming bowyer who wants to experience and refine their crafting of the limb tips, shaping and finishing the handle area.
I had visions of Fathers and Sons or Daughters out in their garage building this bow together. You only need the desire and time to make this vision come true and to create a piece of functional art for generations to come and to enjoy.
We have taken to opportunity to design a bow that will shoot with most upper end bows out there but not be sensitive to you as a starting bowyer.
With the step by step DVD we feel confident that your bow will turn out great and be something you can be proud to show your friends.
All you will need to finish the bow kit is a vice, some clamps, a few files and sandpaper.
The 3 Piece Take Down Longbow Bow Kit
It is available in 60” and 62” lengths.
35# to 70#
Bow Sight Windows cut Right or Left Hand

  • Standard
  • Custom
  • Custom Elite

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